Nintendo Sees Wii U “Vitalized” Q3 2015

Nintendo released its financial report on its last quarter and the results show just how powerful those plastic Amiibo statues are.

Nintendo has sold 20.50 million figure units alone, showing steady global sales throughout. With the recent release of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, card based Amiibos were introduced, these have since sold a staggering 21.50 million units. Happy Home Designer itself has sold 2.93 million units globally, with Nintendo calling it a “hit.”

Conversely, you might have bought a Nintendo New 3DS XL last year to get in on that home designing action, thus contributing to the company’s sales of 5.88 million units.

Third-party titles for the 3DS have also topped a million in sales while some titles like the new Fire Emblem Fates has gained a lot of popularity within Japan.

The WiiU meanwhile has been getting a lot more attention from consumers, sales for the hardware last quarter are at 3.06 million units, most likely thanks to their recent “blockbusters,” Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. Both these titles alone have, “vitalized” the console for Nintendo, Splatoon selling 4.06 million and Mario Maker selling 3.334 million. “We will strive to maintain the attention level of Splatoon and Super Mario Maker, which are continuing to show steady sales, while introducing new titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.” Said Nintendo in its financial report.

Nintendo is also seeing an increase in the amount of downloadable sales on both the WiiU and 3DS platforms, making 30.5 billion yen or 253 million USD. Their overseas sales account for 72.6 per cent of their earnings with their overall operating income at 42.4 billion yen.

Nintendo also aims to expand upon its current library of Amiibos to “maintain momentum” as they look for new ways to integrate them into their titles.

It looks like Nintendo is still running strong, on the little plastic shoulders of their entire Amiibo army.

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