Nintendo slashes Wii to $149.99

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Wii Sports has been cut loose and will join the new “Nintendo Selects” line of $20 titles.

We first heard rumors of a Wii price drop back in April, but now Nintendo has finally made it official. The company has announced that the Wii will be priced at $149.99 beginning on May 15


, although Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort have both been exiled from the bundle. The next batch of Wiis will instead ship with Mario Kart Wii and a matching steering wheel controller, which seems like an odd move considering that Wii Sports helped popularize casual gaming.

If you absolutely need to have Wii Sports (and you can’t find one of the millions of other copies), Nintendo will for the first time be making the game available as an independent retail release. The newly unveiled (and long overdue) “Nintendo Selects” budget line will offer major titles a discounted price of $19.99, and the early options will include Wii Sports, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Mario Super Sluggers, and Animal Crossing: City Folk.

The new Wii bundle will come with the Wii Remote Plus and will be available in black or white. This is the second major price drop for the Wii since it launched in 2006, and it should help Nintendo move a few more consoles before they debut Project Café next month at E3.

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