Nintendo Switch OLED Model is Releasing on October 8th

| Jul 6, 2021
Nintendo Switch OLED Model is Releasing on October 8th

Nintendo has officially announced the Nintendo Switch OLED model which is set to come out this fall.

The announcement of the new Nintendo hardware was announced alongside a video that confirms it will launch day and date alongside Metroid Dread on October 8th, which was featured on the announcement trailer. The new Switch model will come in two colour sets which include white and red/blue. This time around, the screen on this model will feature an OLED display with a display size of 7 inches, a 0.8-inch increase from the original Switch.

Other improvements to the system include a much wider kickstand that stenches almost to the full length of the device. The Nintendo Switch OLED model also doubles the internal memory with its 64 GB of memory straight out of the box. Also, the new model comes with enhanced audio and a wired LAN port in the new dock which is compatible with the regular Switch model. The battery will last approximately 4.5 to 9 hours depending on the game you’re playing, Nintendo says you will get 5.5 hours while playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

“The new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is a great option for players who want to experience the new vibrant screen when playing in handheld and tabletop mode,” Nintendo of America President, Doug Bowser said in a statement. “With the addition of this new model to the Nintendo Switch family of systems, people have an additional choice of a system that best fits the gaming experience they desire – whether it’s Nintendo Switch (OLED model), Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.”

While this model has been referred to as the Switch Pro / Super Switch for its 4K resolution capabilities, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model won’t output to 4K resolution in dock mode. The device plays like a regular Switch, which plays games in 720p in handheld mode and 1080p in TV mode. It seems like Nintendo could be saving the idea for a 4K-capable Switch for later either as a refreshed model or as brand-new consoles in the like from NES to SNES, which Nintendo should totally call the Super Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model will release on October 8th for $349.99 USD / $449. 99 CAD.

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