Nintendo Switch 14.0.0 System Update Finally Adds Folders Called Groups

Nintendo Switch 14.0.0 System Update Finally Adds Folders Called Groups

Nintendo has dropped the latest Nintendo Switch system update (version 14.0.0) and the most major addition is the hybrid console’s new folder functionality which Nintendo is calling groups.

A single group folder can hold up to 200 software titles or apps. Users can name them whatever they want, including naming them for genres or franchises like Mario, Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem and so much more. Unlike folders on the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, the same game can pop up in multiple ‘Groups’. In order to create groups, players are required to have at least 12 games downloaded on their Nintendo Switch console.

The amount of groups players can create is limited as players can have up to 100 group folders on their Nintendo Switch device. One aspect of the new addition is that you sadly can’t add Groups to the home screen as the functionality only works for software going through the ‘All Software’ tab on the home screen which is just an extra and unnecessary step Nintendo has added for players to check their folder collection. Hopefully, the company will hear the criticism of their decision and fix it with the next major update.

Speaking of fixes, the newly added group folder functionality isn’t the only addition in the recently released update. The other one is that players can now adjust the volume on Bluetooth devices through their Nintendo Switch device. For players who found the volume a little too quiet for their liking, Nintendo has also increased the maximum volume for some Bluetooth headsets, so try it out for yourself to see if there is an improvement or not.

The Nintendo Switch system update (version 14.0.0) is currently available to download and install the next time you turn on your Nintendo Switch. We’ll see or not in the next update if Nintendo adds makes some improvements to Groups or even adds new theme options specifically of player’s favourite franchises as users are currently limited to the white or black themes in the system settings.

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