No Man’s Sky Beyond Update Arrives This Month

| Aug 2, 2019
No Man’s Sky Beyond Update Arrives This Month 1

Hello Games has finally announced the latest big content update for No Man’s Sky: “Beyond”, which brings VR and multiplayer features.

Beyond is the seventh free update to NMS, the latest in the series of updates to make the game match and exceed the promises Hello Games made for it before launch. It’s similar in size to the famed Next update, and includes No Man’s Sky Online, a new social/multiplayer experience that encourages players to meet and play together. The update also brings the long awaited Virtual Reality version of NMS to all supporting headset platforms. Not much else is known about these features, but they are massive additions that are certain to give the playerbase another shot in the arm.

Releasing in 2016, No Man’s Sky aimed to give players a massive, procedurally generated universe to explore. CGMagazine’s own Elias Blondeau criticized the game for being “a shallow package of undercooked ideas,” but was incorrect in saying that it would be forgotten. Although a lot of players were dissatisfied with the awkwardly-designed and feature-light state the game released in, a lot of people still bought it due to its multi-year presence on big stages, so there’s many folks quite capable of jumping back in on a moment’s notice. With the ability to fly smoothly from deep space to planetary surfaces, with no loading screens in the way, there’s a simple charm buried underneath the clunky and demanding survival mechanics.

The free No Man’s Sky: Beyond update will be released on Wednesday, August 14th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Will you be hopping back in with your friends to check it out? You’ll have to do it in my place, as I don’t have the game or VR. Hope it’s been worth the wait!

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