No Man’s Sky’s Free Update Overhauls Space Combat, Adds Outlaw Underground

| April 13, 2022
No Man's Sky's Free Update Overhauls Space Combat, Adds Outlaw Underground

No Man’s Sky just keeps getting bigger with the next expansion, subtitled Outlaws.

This is a free update, and it promises to introduce players to the game’s criminal underworld by mainly focusing on activities like smuggling and pirate raids. It goes live today and the video can be viewed below.

YouTube video

As teased in the video above, Outlaws is turning the inhabitants of No Man’s Sky into rebels, allowing them to take on illegal missions at space stations overrun by dangerous criminals. There are also new solar sail-equipped starships, for the first time in two years, along with upgraded space combat that will aid players in achieving their goals. These can also net some huge rewards if you survive.

The update’s full patch note can be found on the game’s full website, but basically, Hello Games is overhauling space combat for speed and excitement. Handing has been improved for that as well, with weapons having new visual effects and enemy starships now having shields. Weapon select has more depth now too, as it now slows enemy engines or disables shield systems depending on what the player chooses.

Players can now recruit their own wingmen for their squadrons and each pilot comes with their own abilities. As for illicit activities, illegal foods can be purchased in outlaw systems and be smuggled out for a significant profit. There are other less significant changes, but those can be found on the official site.

Recently, No Man’s Sky won the award for ‘Evolving Game” at the BAFTA’s, and it seems like Hello Games has taken player feedback to heart and is working tirelessly to improve on it. The game was initially promised to be a game of epic proportions but when it was released, many players and critics noticed it felt empty and didn’t have much substance. Players were going places but not finding much. It seems safe to assume that with all the work Hello Games has put in, the game is getting closer to what was promised back in its initial reveal trailer in 2013.

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