NVIDIA Announces New G-Sync TVs and Monitors, Plus More Ray Tracing and VR Tech at CES 2020

NVIDIA Announces New G-Sync TVs and Monitors, Plus More Ray Tracing and VR Tech at CES 2020 2

NVIDIA is focusing on G-Sync at CES this year, bringing the tech to 12 new LG OLED TVs, unveiling two new G-Sync Ultimate Mini-LED displays, and unveiling their fastest G-Sync monitors ever. The manufacturer also brought its ray tracing and DLSS technology to Wolfenstein Youngblood, announced the VRSS technology for GeForce VR enthusiasts, and released a new game-ready update.

LG was the first TV manufacturer to offer NVIDIA G-Synch compatible TVs, and this year the company is announcing 12 new G-Synch compatible OLED 2020 models which range in size from 48 to 88 inches. These models will have all the benefits of G-Sync for a flawless gaming experience without screen tearing or distracting visual artifacts, much like G-Sync gaming monitors.

NVIDIA is also announcing two upcoming G-Sync Ultimate displays from Acer and Asus. These displays also feature the latest in full-array direct backlight Mini-LED technology with 1152 zones and 1400 nits of brightness. Having 1152 zones will significantly increase the monitors’ contrast, resulting in darker black tones and more vibrant colors. The panels will also feature quick response times and ultra-low input lag while gaming at up to 144Hz at a 4K resolution.

Earlier this weekend, NVIDIA unveiled their latest G-Sync technology, which allows monitors to run at 360Hz speeds with G-Sync. The first G-Sync 360Hz monitor is the Asus ROG Swift 360, a 24.5” 1080p panel.

The full list of G-Sync monitors can be found here.

While G-Sync was clearly the big topic for NVIDIA at CES this year, the graphics company did have additional updates for consumers.

For fans of NVIDIA’s RTX line of GPUs, several publishers and developers have announced that ray tracing will be included in their top franchises. After all, ray tracing technology allows games to have more realistic light effects, which can be used to devastating effect in titles like 505 Games’ Control, which launched in August 2019 and was recently crowned IGN’s Game of the Year 2019. Activision even launched Call of Duty Modern Warfare with RT just a few months ago. In fact, ray tracing technology has become such a major component of modern gaming that even the upcoming PS5 and Xbox will support ray tracing. So, it should come as no surprise that Bethesda has hopped on the bandwagon and announced a ray tracing update for Wolfenstein: Youngblood that includes ray tracing reflections, DLSS, and NVIDIA Highlights. The Wolfenstein RT update will be available as a free patch update for the game, and will release during CES week.

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GeForce VR Enthusiasts will also have a new toy to play with, as NVIDIA has released a new VR technology called Variable Rate Super Sampling (VRSS), which is enabled in their latest Game Ready Driver which drops today. VRSS uses Turing’s Variable Rate Shading technology to improve image quality in the center of the frame where a VR user would be looking through an HMD.

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NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver for CES 2020 launched this morning, which includes several new technologies for gaming and VR fans, including:

  • A new Max Frame Rate setting in the NVIDIA Control Panel to help save power, reduce system latency, and more.
  • The aforementioned VRSS feature that uses Turing’s Variable Rate Shading to improve image quality in VR games
  • A new Freestyle splitscreen filter lets you showcase screenshots or videos in a side-by-side or even a blended fashion.
  • An update to the Image Sharpening filter that lets users enable GPU scaling without image sharpening, and even supports custom resolutions.
  • Adds support for an additional 8 G-SYNC Compatible displays. Adding these to the previously mentioned 2020 LG OLED TVs brings the total number of  G-SYNC Compatible displays to 90. 

The new Game Ready Drivers are available for most major titles and are tuned for the best performance and flawless gameplay. The drivers are all Microsoft WHQL-certified and are used as a delivery mechanism to add new features for GeForce users. You can download the Drivers here.

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