Nvidia Debuts PC Gaming’s Future at CES 2019

| Jan 7, 2019
Nvidia Debuts PC Gaming's Future at CES 2019

CES is an exciting time for technology in general, but as Nvidia takes the stage year after year, they constantly push the boundaries for PC gaming even further, and at this year’s event, they have continued this trend with a new, surprisinly powerful GPU.

Nvidia spent its entire CES presentation focusing on its new GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, a faster, and more competitively priced graphics card than the company has ever been able to offer.

Laptop gamers fear not, as Nvidia has detailed that 40 new laptops from major OEMs will feature the brand’s new graphics card will be released in the upcoming month, enabling for even more frames than seen before. But that is not all, as due to its new compact design, Nvidia’s new GeForce entry occupies a lot less space, while also providing much better cooling techniques than previously, solving two of laptop gaming’s biggest frowns.

To show the raw power of this GPU, Nvidia showcased some of gaming’s already best-looking entries such as Battlefield V, and thanks to the graphics card’s new rending techniques and beastly raw power, it’s easy to say that Battlefield’s latest release has never looked this good.

This revamped amount of power comes with a revision to the brand’s gSync service, which now will be able to update computer drivers to suit the new amount of pixels the RTX 2060 will bring, again delivering a smoother gameplay experience than ever.

If better-looking games is what you’ve been hoping for – and let’s be honest, which gamer hasn’t been – then the RTX 2060 may just be what you need. NVIDEA’s latest GeForce will be available to the wide market very briefly for the entry price of $349 USD at many major retailers.

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