Nvidia’s New GeForce RTX Graphics Cards Take Gaming to the Next Level

| August 20, 2018
Nvidia's New GeForce RTX Graphics Cards Take Gaming to the Next Level

Nvidia revealed their new GeForce RTX graphics cards at a pre-Gamescom 2018 event today, which are set to take gaming to the next level.

These include the GeForce RTX 2070, RTX 2080, and RTX 2080 Ti, which all have real-time ray-tracing technology to make games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Battlefield V look hyper-realistic.

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Powered by the new RTX platform and the Turing GPU architecture, these new cards give gamers six times the performance of Nvidia’s previous generation of cards as well.

Below are the specifications provided by the company:

GeForce RTX 2070:

GeForce RTX 2070

Founders Edition

GeForce RTX 2070GeForce GTX 1070
GPU ArchitectureTuringTuringPascal
Boost Clock1710 MHz (OC)1620 MHz1683 MHz
Frame Buffer8 GB GDDR68 GB GDDR68 GB GDDR5
Memory Speed14 Gbps14 Gbps8 Gbps

GeForce RTX 2080:

GeForce RTX 2080

Founders Edition

GeForce RTX 2080GeForce GTX 1080
GPU ArchitectureTuringTuringPascal
Boost Clock1800 MHz (OC)1710 MHz1733 MHz
Frame Buffer8 GB GDDR68 GB GDDR68 GB GDDR5X
Memory Speed14 Gbps14 Gbps10 Gbps

GeForce  RTX 2080 Ti:

GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Founders Edition

GeForce RTX 2080 TiGeForce GTX 1080 Ti
GPU ArchitectureTuringTuringPascal
Boost Clock1635 MHz (OC)1545 MHz1582 MHz
Frame Buffer11GB GDDR611GB GDDR611 GB GDDR5X
Memory Speed14 Gbps14 Gbps11 Gbps

These new graphics cards are priced in USD at $599 for the RTX 2070, $799 for the RTX 2080, and $1,199 for the RTX 2080 Ti. Both the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti are now available for pre-order.

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