NZXT Introduces the Capsule USB Microphone and Boom Arm to Ensure PC Streaming Quality

NZXT Introduces the Capsule USB Microphone and Boom Arm to Ensure PC Streaming Quality 9

NZXT invites PC gamers to “Plug, Play, Enjoy” with their newest addition to their hardware line that is sure to elevate any creators streaming game.

Following the NZXT PC line, the notable designer of hardware and software throws its hat in the ring of the communication market with a new Capsule USB Microphone and Boom Arm for PC streaming integrity.

The Capsule turns down the natural sound of the gamer’s environment to focus on turning up pure speech transmission. The high-quality audio the capsule offers comes straight from the box, as there are zero lengthy software installations that usually make obtaining new hardware a chore. The Capsule isn’t just for streaming, as it can be fully utilized to communicate with friends seamlessly.

The Capsule boom arm comes separately, but is the perfect companion for PC gamers on their quest. Although the arm is unnecessary for Capsule integration, it could be useful for those who do stream but don’t want their mic to be the main character on camera.

Nzxt Introduces The Capsule Usb Microphone And Boom Arm To Ensure Pc Streaming Quality
Boom Arm In Effect

NZXT’s Founder and CEO, Johnny Hou says “We really wanted to focus on giving gamers and streamers what they truly need,” regarding the necessity of a quality USB audio microphone. “That is why with NZXT Capsule there are no unnecessary polar patterns or software requirements for using. It is just an elegant microphone that simply plugs in and works.”

A truly pain-free installation sounds promising, along with the many features the Capsule offers such as:

A design with gamers of all levels in mind – A uni-directional cardioid polar pattern ensures you’ll have minimal background noise. Optimizing vocal clarity while you’re in the game is the direct goal of the Capsule.
Next level audio quality – Easy analog-to-digital conversion tech ensures your voice will be the truest in the
lobby, barring distractions
A simple and attractive choice – No around the bush setup necessary, no tools required, and easy installation make the NZXT Capsule a true out of box experience. Coming in two separate colors gives a personal preference, and internal shock mounting relieves any worry of your mic bumping into stuff and becoming a distraction.

The NZXT Capsule and Boom Arm are available now on NZXT’s website.

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