Oculus Lines up Some Scares for Launch

| March 2, 2016
Oculus Lines up a Horror Game for Launch

With the launch of the much-anticipated Oculus Rift just around the corner, they’ve already pulled in Ape Law’s psychological horror title, Albino Lullaby, as a launch game.

Coming out March 28, proud new Oculus users can experience the horror title that has thrilled and chilled critics from Rock, Paper, Shotgun to Polygon.

“To be completely surrounded by a game world like Albino Lullaby is a totally unparalleled experience right now; we are thrilled our design philosophy works so well with the Rift and honoured that Oculus Store chose to include us on launch day,” said Justin Pappas, creative director of Albino Lullaby and Founder of Ape Law.

Albino Lullaby is already out on Steam for $9.99 for the first episode and $24.99 for the season one pass. Steam owners will receive a key to use on the Oculus Store to redeem a copy there.

Sceptics should know that, apparently, the game doesn’t rely or even use jump scares or gore. It plays with your mind and twists the world around you, playing with your senses and presenting a nightmarish world for you to escape.

Check it out on Steam now or wait until it’s out on Oculus, March 28.

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