Oculus Rift Lines up 30 Games for Launch

| March 16, 2016
Oculus Rift Lines up 30 Games for Launch 2

The Oculus Rift now has a complete lineup of 30 titles ready for launch on March 28.

While the list includes more than 30 upcoming titles, the launch titles come complete with a comfortability level rating as well as a price tag too. The costs run as low as $4.99 to as high as $59.99 with Lucky’s Tale being free and bundled with the headset.

A comfort rating has been attached to almost every game in the lineup, a rating that appears to be based on how much the camera in-game moves. According to Oli Welsh at Eurogamer, it sounds like most of the “Intense” games have first person perspectives that move and shake the camera a lot, like Adrift. “Moderate” games, like Smashing the battle, will move the camera slowly and not jerk the player around. “Comfortable games” games seem to stick to a third-person camera that moves very little and doesn’t make the player dizzy or nauseous, like AirMech Command.

Oculus Rift Lines Up 30 Games For Launch

The lineup looks pretty strong with a lot of variety for play and while most are not exclusively meant to be played with a VR headset, the Oculus hopes that its radically different perspective will help add something to the experience.

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