Oscorp plays big part in Spider-Man spinoff films

| January 16, 2014
Oscorp plays big part in Spider-Man spinoff films 1

If you guessed that Oscorp would play an important part in the ever expanding web of stories surrounding New York’s popular web-slinger, you were spot on.

Film and television writer Robert Orci, one of the creative minds behind the recently announced spinoff films starring Spider-Man’s most popular enemies, opened up a little in an interview with IGN. When asked about what role Oscorp played, Orci said the powerful company is very important in how the villains are created, and it represents the good and the bad science has to offer humankind.

“It’s nice to have that organizing principal, but it wasn’t like, ‘We must keep it at Oscorp.’ It flowed naturally from the story development,” he said.

It would be difficult to stray away from this concept, and have villains from these spin-off movies originate outside of Oscorp now that such a heavy focus on the company has been established in the Amazing Spider-Man, and based on the trailer, Amazing Spider-Man 2. Unfortunately, this could very easily translate to a lousy origins tale for the Sinister Six, one of the announced spinoff films, if all they do is simply grow these villains in a test tube at Oscorp. Venom, the other planned spinoff from Sony, could mirror the origins tale found in the Ultimate Spider-Man series, where the black suit was actually created by Richard Parker – Peter’s father – and Eddie Brock’s father, in an attempt to cure the suit’s host of serious illnesses. Whichever direction they take, the outcome of a possible anti-hero with the emergence of Venom, who actually fulfills this role in the comics, could be far more interesting than just another villain bent on destroying Spider-Man and the rest of the city.

If you’re worried that the spinoffs are to replace The Amazing Spider-Man 4, which is penciled in for a 2018 release, you can rest easy.

“I think with Spider-Man 4, the intention is for it to be Spider-Man,” Orci said.

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