Blizzard Patches Tracer’s Pose in Overwatch Beta

| April 7, 2016
Blizzard Patches Tracer's Suggestive Pose

Today, Blizzard unveiled the replacement pose for the controversial one within Overwatch that got people upset. This new pose is one that only the quirky time travelling character Tracer could pull off.

The replacement pose definitely pulls the eye away from the heavily discussed bum and instead pulls you towards her shoulders. Bum still in sight though, it is an over the shoulder pose so bums will inevitably be in view.

I think this one draws a decent compromise and does look more “quirky” or “spunky” so more in character than one of the most generic poses to ever make. Frankly I’m happy with the change.

Blizzard Patches Tracer'S Suggestive Pose 1

However, in this could be Blizzard making a subtle joke. Since the patched pose, it has been pointed out that the new one is reminiscent of a certain pinup girl. It’s a little too uncanny of a coincidence.

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