Overwatch Debuts New Support Hero Brigitte

Overwatch Debuts New Support Hero Brigitte

Overwatch has officially revealed their 27th hero, a support named Bridgette Lindholm, and she is available to play today.

The news came from Overwatch’s official website, and while she won’t appear on consoles for a few days, she is currently available to play on Overwatch’s PC test servers. Brigitte has ties to a couple of Overwatch’s heroes as she is the daughter of defense hero Torbjorn and a squire to tank hero Reinhardt. She has previously been featured in the game’s comic series as well as in one of the titles animated shorts.

As for her abilities, Brigitte specializes in armor and has the ability to throw out repair packs, similarly to Torbjorn and also carries a melee weapon like Reinhartdt. Along with her Flail weapon, she also takes after her god-father with her barrier shield, although hers is a much smaller version than Reinhardt’s. Every time she lands a shot on an enemy, Brigitte’s passive ability, inspireheals teammates in her vicinity. Her piece-de-resistance is her ultimate ability, called Rally, that grants her a short-term speed boost, as well as giving her nearby allies some long lasting Armour.

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Brigitte becomes the 7th support hero in the game so far and joins Sombra, Anna, Orisa, Doomfist and Moira as the 6th character added since the game launched. Overwatch originally launched in May of 2016 and has garnered rave reviews as well as multiple game of the year awards since. This year Blizzard launched the Overwatch League, a competitive e-sports organization that sees teams go up against one another for a shot at a million dollar plus prize pool.

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