Overwatch Halloween Update May Be Coming Today, Leak Reveals

Overwatch Halloween Update May Be Coming Today, Leak Reveals 1

This past week has faced a lot of exciting leaks for Overwatch fans. First, a supposed image of Overwatch‘s upcoming hero, Sombra, hit the gaming community amidst an ongoing ARG for her release. Now, a post over on the /r/Overwatch subreddit has revealed a leak from the Taiwanese Battle.net website suggesting the game’s Halloween Brawl update might be coming as soon as today.

The leaked images feature Halloween skins for Roadhog and Junkrat (called Dr. Junkenstein according to an earlier leak), with the former dressed up as Frankenstein and the latter as a mad scientist. The event page originally listed October 11th as the update’s release, but was later switched to October 12th.

But there’s a bit more information to the Halloween update than just Roadhog, Junkrat and a supposed release date. As another fan noted on Reddit, a flyer on Eichenwalde reads “Evacuation Order: The evacuation will begin on October 11th (11.10) at 3-8:00 o’clock.” This coincides with an upcoming patch that plans to launch today at 2pm EDT, posted on Korean Internet Gaming Rooms and translated on Reddit. If all these hints line up, then the Halloween Brawl may, in fact, be coming later today.

Which would make sense. After all, there’s already a significant amount of information floating around from the Overwatch ARG theories and leaks found throughout the week. We know for certain that the ARG will feature some sort of Zomnic invasion, which casts Junkrat as the main antagonist. A major leak over on /r/Overwatch also suggests the Zomnic invasion will feature three different difficulty levels for players to try, with bigger rewards for a higher difficulty setting. Whether Sombra will appear is not officially confirmed yet, although her appearance seems likely, with the original leaked photo suggesting that she will be entering the build along with the Halloween update. Stay tuned as more news develops; we’ll know for certain later today if the Overwatch Halloween patch is destined for today.

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