Paladins Beta Patch 47 Goes Live on PC

Paladins Beta Patch 47 Goes Live on PC 1

The day has finally arrived Paladins fans; Beta patch 47 goes live on PC today. This patch for the team-oriented shooter, with strategy elements, is set to fix several bugs along with adding additional skins. Overall, it should create a better experience for the game while giving players extra incentives.

On the official web page for Paladins, the Beta patch 47 notes have been addressed in detail. For starters, this Beta patch will include general bug fixes present in the game. Firstly, players will now be able to use VGS before transitioning to the end of a match. For loadout points, the scoreboard will now show card level instead of card rarity. Speaking of Loadout, disillusioned cards are now removed. Directed Taunts, in addition, will more accurately trigger and will show the correct character. To wrap it up, the Mastery page will do a better job of showing the rewards that are present for each level.

Paladins Beta Patch 47 Goes Live On Pc 2

In addition to bug fixes, this patch will also include some additional skins for the ultra-popular shooter. During Paladins Open Beta, if players are above level 30 they will unlock the Volcanic Makoa skin free of charge. Adding on to this skin is the unique, quest-related skin Nova Strike. In this collection pack, which is for Kinessa, more skins are unlocked the more players are victorious with Kinessa. Playing as The Bounty Hunter will complete the Quest and will subsequently unlock heads (helm, optic, visor and gaze), body, weapons (Vaporizer and Atomizer) and voice pack accessories.

Outside of the Beta patch 47, the Paladins Master LAN is set to take place this Friday through Sunday. At the Hi-Rez Studios eSports arena, several teams will fight for the right to take home $75,000. The winners of this tournament will be declared the spring split champions. To catch all this excitement, stay tuned on the official Twitch page of HiRezTV.

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