Persona 5 Gets European Release Date

| Aug 9, 2016
Persona 5 Gets European Release Date 1

RPG fans in Europe can put their worries at ease as Atlus finally announced a release date for Persona 5.

Launching Feb 14, 2017 in all PAL regions, Persona 5 launches the same day as the North American release. Along with that, Atlus announced the Take Your Heart Premium Edition for the game. This edition offers a collectable steel bookcase, the game’s soundtrack CD, a plush, a 64-page hardcover art book, schoolbag, and collectable outer box along with the physical game.

This comes not long after Atlus and Sega announced they were relying on publisher Deep Silver to distribute Persona 5, along with many other titles across the continent. While that might seem strange considering Sega does have a European branch, the publisher admitted in a blog post that office is focusing more on Western titles, not their Japanese IPs.

Persona 5 Gets European Release Date 1

Persona 5 is the latest in the series that dates back to 1996 as a spin-off to the Shin Megami Tenesi series. Taking place in a high school setting, with a stronger focus on interpersonal relationships, Persona garnered a huge fan base. Persona 5 takes players back to high school, where they are regular students by day, but at night they are Phantom Thieves where they use their supernatural powers to enter the hearts of people.

The last time fans got to enter the world of Persona, was with the spin-off PS Vita title Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which took the series into the rhythm genre. Fans did get a taste of the Persona play style in the Wii U title Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE the crossover title for the Shin Megami Tensi and Fire Emblem series, which borrowed a lot from Persona story wise according to CGM writer Elias Blondeau. The last main instalment in the series came on the Vita in 2009 with Persona 4 Golden, a remake of the PS2 title.

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