Pikachu Joins London’s “Year Of The Bus”

Pikachu Joins London's "Year Of The Bus"

London, England’s “Year Of The Bus” continues with the inclusion of Pikachu (everyone’s favourite electric yellow mouse). The famous Pokémon teamed up with Transport For London to answer a simple query: just how do you get a Pikachu on a bus?

The answer seems to be lots and lots of pushing as these London children are trying their best to get the rodent to board. We can’t blame the kids though because that is one big Pikachu.

Transport For London And Pikachu Teamed Up To Answer The Question: How Do You Get Pikachu On A Bus?. London. Britain

The “Year Of The Bus” program is all about reconnecting the people of London with their renowned bus system. Events, exhibitions and more are taking place throughout the year to help accomplish this feat.

It seems that Pikachu is directed at the younger bus users. You can read more about the “Year Of The Bus” 2014 here.

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James Griffin
James Griffin

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