Planet Coaster Spring Update Announced

Planet Coaster Spring Update Announced 1

Planet Coaster has enjoyed a nice niche from those aching for a RollerCoaster Tycoon experience again. Now, those fans can get even more roller coaster action as developer Frontier announced a free update for Planet Coaster this spring.

Releasing on April 11, 2017, the most interesting Planet Coaster addition in this update is the inclusion of crime and security. Now players will have to be weary of guests that could vandalize the park due to dissatisfaction. Along with that, pickpockets will now roam the park, stealing cash from other visitors. To counteract this, players can hire security staff and install surveillance cameras.

Along with this addition, there is a slew of new rides for operators to install. There are three new roller coasters: the suspended swinging Steel Hydra, the first of two shuffle coasters Trident, and a bigger version of that called Bakasura. Players can also install a new Go Kart track that appears to be customizable.  There are three new flatrides as well. The spinning and swinging Elixir Machine, the classic Big Wheel, and ZoZo.

This is the second update coming to Planet Coaster, with the last releasing in December. Planet Coaster launched in November 2016, to pretty high praise from both critics and fans alike. The game encourages creativity as the Planet Coaster Workshop houses 100,000 community creations. That’s a formula that appears to serve Frontier well, as currently, the title sits at a 9/10 rating on Steam, while on Metacritic, the title sits at an 84. CGMagazine’s Jake Yanik reviewed Planet Coaster scoring it an 8.5/10 saying “It’s not a perfect game, but in its own little way, it sort of is, and I’d expect no less from the team that brought us RCT2 and 3.

Players who haven’t tried out Planet Coaster can pick it up on Steam or directly from for $44.99 USD.

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