Play SEGA Forever Titles With Switch Joy-Con On Android

Play SEGA Forever Titles With Switch Joycons On Android 1

Those looking to jump into the Sega Forever Program might want to Switch their controller input method as Reddit user by the name of Marxally discovered that titles available through the Sega Forever Program work with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, once paired with an Android device. 

Marxally stated that he has not tried syncing the Joy-Con controller to any iOS device, but as far as Android is concerned, it is as simple as turning on discovery mode through the Bluetooth settings on the Android device that wishes to pair with the controller and pressing and holding the sync button on the desired Joy-Con controller. For those who might be scratching their heads, looking for the sync button on the Joy-Con controller, it can be found between the L and R buttons sandwiched inside the rails that are used to connect the Joy-Con to the Switch console. Press and hold the sync button for about 10 seconds and the Android device should see the Switch’s Joy-Con as Joy-Con (L) or (R) depending on which controller is trying to sync to the device. Once paired up, it is as simple as starting up the desired game of choice from the Sega Forever Program with the controller synced.

As the Joy-Con controller is synced to an Android device, it can actually be used in other mobile titles as well in addition to emulators, however, they are not guaranteed to function correctly. Still, those looking to just use it for classic Sega Forever titles should have no issues while using the Joycon controller.

Sega revealed earlier in the week that they are bringing their expansive library to mobile platforms completely free of charge, with some ads of course. As of now, there are five titles to choose from:

Sonic the Hedgehog

Altered Beast

Phantasy Star II

Kid Chameleon

Comix Zone

Zubi Khan
Zubi Khan

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