Report: PlayStation Is Working On A New Handheld Game System

Sadly Not the Vita 2

report playstation is working on new handheld system 23040504

After years of rumours and speculation, it looks like PlayStation is finally going to release a new handheld, but it is not going to be the PlayStation Vita 2.

According to multiple sources, the new handheld is made to be a supplementary system for people already part of the Sony ecosystem. If the reports are to be believed, the new PlayStation device will focus more on cloud gaming and will be more like what Logitech and Razer have released recently. It will not be able to play games without a network connection.

As reported by Insider Gaming, the upcoming device, currently under the code name “Q Lite,” is set to diverge from the traditional dedicated handheld concept. Jeff Grubb, formerly of VentureBeat, a reputable industry insider, has said that there could be a PlayStation cloud-streaming handheld in the future and that people should not expect a new Vita system out of these reports.

Report Playstation Is Working On New Handheld System 23040504 1

According to Insider Gaming, the design of the Q Lite is expected to look a lot like the PS5 DualSense controller. It will also have an 8-inch LCD screen at its centre, and it will be able to play games at 60fps. Further enhancing the experience, the device is expected to incorporate the DualSense’s signature adaptive triggers and haptic feedback alongside a headphone jack and built-in speakers.

The PlayStation Vita, launched in 2011, is a handheld video game console from Sony. It has many games like Persona 4 Golden and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. However, several factors, including poor first-party support, costly memory cards, and not being able to play older games on it, made the Vita not sell very well. Since then, other devices like the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck have successfully provided high-quality portable gaming experiences. The Switch has sold over 120 million units and is the best-selling console of all time.

Report Playstation Is Working On New Handheld System 23040504

With the PlayStation 5 still selling strong and the love for the PlayStation brand at an all-time high among gamers worldwide, there is potential for success in the handheld space if Sony wishes to pursue it, but it looks like the Q Lite is not the next evolution of the PlayStation handheld many have been hoping for. Beyond that, with PlayStation 5 remote play already available on phones, the need for such a device seems minimal at best.

In the end, the Q Lite’s future is still not clear, as Insider Gaming has not yet revealed pricing and release timing. However, the outlet suggests that the device may be a part of PlayStation’s “second phase” for the PlayStation 5, with a possible launch aimed for the 2024 holiday season.

Stay tuned to CGMagazine for more on this console, along with all things Sony PlayStation as they are unveiled.

Brendan Frye
Brendan Frye

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