PlayStation Stars Is Now Active In Canada

PlayStation Stars Is Now Active In Canada 2

The previously announced PlayStation Stars program has now made its way to Canada, and PlayStation gamers can join for free now.

The new PlayStation program was announced back in July by Sony, as a method to reward gamers for their accomplishments during sessions in front of their consoles. Like the Platinum Points system Nintendo has implemented, or the ‘quest’ system Xbox Game Pass has, PlayStation Stars functions in a way to keep players in the game. Earning trophies can actually net some sweet rewards now for gamers on the PlayStation platform. The launch trailer can be seen below.

YouTube video

While not much of a trailer, the program is indeed live, and players can start earning their exclusive rewards for gaming pronto. As listed on the PlayStation Stars website, signing up for the program for Canadian PlayStation members is very simple, all a PSN holder has to do is swing over to the website, and enter their PlayStation login info to start earning rewards. There are even levels players can ‘prestige’ to, with each level up to four receiving a ‘celebration collectible’ for a player’s efforts.

Playstation Stars Is Now Live In Canada

On a sadder note, there’s a convenient FAQ located at the bottom of the PlayStation Stars page, and one of the most frequent is “I signed up for PlayStation Stars. Why was I put on a waitlist?” This lets out some bad news, that some members won’t have immediate access to the Stars program right off the bat but rather put on a waiting list for an undetermined amount of time with a window of “about two months from signing up.” PlayStation members who want access to the Stars program should sign up as soon as possible due to this revelation.

Fans who are interested in the program can slide over to the PlayStation Stars website for all of the information, including the lengthy FAQ section that can answer burning questions.

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