PLITCH Software Helps Elden Ring Players Beat the Game Faster

PLITCH Software Helps Elden Ring Players Beat the Game Faster 1

The PLITCH software company has been a big help for players who want less or more of a challenge in PC single-player games.

A lot of players have recently been aggravated by hard, single player games like Elden Ring and some had wished there was a difficulty setting available. Well, this is where PLITCH comes in. PLITCH is an emerging game trainer software which provides cheat codes without the unethical practices of breaking the game or giving its users malicious malware.

The software is said to be inspired by companies like Game Genie and GameShark. PLITCH goes beyond its predecessors by offering game customization software that can enhance the experience for single-player PC games. Of course, Elden Ring is one of the most popular games where gamers use PLITCH codes to help them beat the game when they are stumped.

However, PLITCH can not only help make the game easier with “Infinite Stamina” or “Ignore Gear Weight” cheat codes, but users could use (anti)cheat codes to make their game harder. While it may sound psychotic to make a FromSoftware game harder, there are always players up to the challenge. Some of these codes include “Slower Movement Speed” and “Fast AI”. In case you were wondering, no, the codes do not work for online games—no cheating in PVP matches.  

Plitch Software Helps Elden Ring Players Beat The Game Faster 2

The CEO of PLITCH, Robert Maroschik shared in an interview last year, “We knew that the people asking for cheats were people who really loved the games they were playing but simply didn’t have time… That hasn’t changed. We love to say our target group isn’t the typical gamers; our target group is the dads. We have more customers older than 65 than we do younger than 25, with a median age of around 35.”

The software service also offers codes for other top titles, single-player games like Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light 2: Stay Human and so much more. The service is free for these games but does have a paid premium version that would offer more codes and faster support for the PLITCH app—along with special raffles and giveaway privileges. The service is also ad-free, whether users have the free or paid version of the app.

While PLITCH mostly comes with no cost, Maroschik discussed that the cost of time and making the codes after a patch occurs is where the paid costs go towards. “To build the initial set of cheats isn’t that hard at all. But once a game gets patched, we have to redo most of the work in about half the time. We have a team to build the trainers and then an even larger team of patchers,” said Maroschik.

Plitch Software Helps Elden Ring Players Beat The Game Faster 3

It does not hurt to save time while enjoying the same story others are experiencing. PLITCH appears to be a great alternative to delving into story-driven games while also not having to invest hundreds of hours grinding and potentially losing sleep. Check out their list of games on their site with the free codes now as I will also dabble in this service, trying to clear the Caelid area in Elden Ring.

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