Plugable Announces First-Ever Powerful Triple Docking Station At CES 2022

Plugable Announces First-Ever Triple Docking Station At CES 2022

CES 2022 hosts a lot of the leading technology companies, and Plugable has shared a very innovative look into their latest docking station.

The computer peripheral company that excels at work and at the office, introduced its newest docking station that sounds like a serial number, the UD-6950PDZ.

Plugable’s latest device allows users to not only transform their laptop into a complete command station but features three 4K HDMI ports and three 4K DisplayPort ports. This allows for complete control over a cockpit level of devices that can create a cohesive casserole of technology, placing the user in the centre of control.

On top of all the capabilities this docking station can utilize, there are even more ports to allow for ethernet and charging capabilities as well.

Plugable Announces First-Ever Powerful Triple Docking Station At Ces 2022

The nifty device can also help coordinate wire pollution, helping the organization of the most unruly of wires. The station has a staggering six USB 3.0 slots to help with charging and peripheral splitting to the most optimal point. The ability to splice a single PC with three extra screens, while also sporting a small design is key. Connecting up to 11 devices through a singular connection to the back of a laptop is now possible.

Plugable still wasn’t finished at CES 2022, they also brought one more innovative device to introduce from their arsenal. Welcoming the USB4 and Thunderbolt 4 Hub.

Plugable Announces First-Ever Powerful Triple Docking Station At Ces 2022

Also sporting an official name very reminiscent of a serial number, the Plugable USB4-HUB3A is the latest hub to boast three USB4/ Thunderbolt 4 ports. The convenience of being able to add a type of powerstrip that utilizes a typically common form of connectivity is a key addition to a setup that uses many devices. A notable feature is the Goshen Ridge Chipset that allows the hub to adapt to the capabilities of the host device, getting the most out of the PC that is the core of operations.

The UD-6950PDZ will be available Q1 of 2022 for $249.

The USB4-HUB3A is available now, for $180.

Those looking to upgrade their command centers can go to the Plugable website to find out more information about these lucrative devices.

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