Pokémon GO Prepares For Generation 6

Pokémon GO Prepares For Generation 6 2

After four years in service, Pokemon Go is preparing to “Go Beyond” with a new level cap increase and the addition of Generation VI Pokémon.

Niantic Inc. has announced the Go Beyond campaign, which will begin rolling out pocket monsters from the Kalos region, featured in Pokemon X/Y on Nintendo 3DS. This first wave of new critters will include the starters Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie; their evolutions, including Super Smash Bros. veteran Greninja; and a handful of other monsters originally encountered early in the original game, like Litleo and Fletchling. These will first appear from December 2 until December 8, local time.

Pokémon Go Prepares For Generation 6
The Kalos region’s starters will arrive in Pokémon Go December 2.

The game’s first level cap increase is also on the way soon, with preliminary testing beginning in Australia before a global rollout. Each level beyond the current cap, 40, will have a special requirement, like earning a certain number of Platinum medals to pass level 43, or beating raids with certain teams for level 47. Several levels will award avatar items as well. CP limits for Pokémon will be increased accordingly.

Players who have reached level 40 before the end of 2020 will receive a special “Legacy 40 Trainer” title. Experience given for most tasks will be adjusted November 30, with some tasks rewarding up to double experience.

Another big fundamental change will be the addition of Seasons. Pokémon Go will further reflect players’ real world locations by changing which creatures appear more often in the wild, hatch from eggs, or can be fought in raids. For instance, the deer Pokémon Deerling will appear in its various seasonal forms, depending on the player’s hemisphere. This will expand upon the rudimentary weather-based system already in place. The first Season will begin December 1.

Niantic has teased a variety of special in-game events and research to coincide with the “Go Beyond” campaign, starting with a “12 Days of Friendship” event, active now. The Pokémon Go developer has been adjusting the game liberally to accommodate the pandemic, allowing players to play more remotely or while social distancing, and encourages its players to abide their local health authorities’ recommendations while playing.

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