Pokémon HOME Updating For Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Compatibility

pokemon home updated for pokemon scarlet and violet compatibility 23051905 4

Fans will finally be able to transfer their Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet favourites to Pokémon HOME soon.

The Pokémon Company has finally announced that Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet will be compatible with Pokémon HOME soon. Fans have been waiting for this update since the games were released last year. 

Pokemon Home Updated For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Compatibility 23051905 2

[UPDATE: Since this story was originally published, the Pokémon Company has retracted their original story, claiming “Earlier we mistakenly posted that Pokémon HOME version 3.0.0 would launch on May 23/24. However, the actual release date is yet to be announced.” There is no indication at this time when Pokemon HOME 3.0.0 will actually arrive. Original story continues.]

Fans who were anxious to start a new save but just couldn’t part with their dear shinies and favourite Pokémon partners will finally get the chance to safely transfer them. Fans can also transfer Pokémon from other games connected to the app. Concerning Tera Typing, the Pokémon’s Tera Type for Pokémon moved into Scarlet and Violet will be determined by their original type or types. 

Before players start transferring Pokémon, they’ll need to remember that Pokémon can only be transferred to games in which they appear. For example, Dolliv and Arboliva can’t be moved to Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Pokémon Shining Pearl, or Pokémon Legends: Arceus since they weren’t originally in those games. Hopefully, one day that won’t be the case. 

This new connectivity update will come with a number of other features. Pokémon HOME points will be able to be converted into League Points to use in the game. Pokémon HOME points are given based on how many Pokémon are in your boxes. 

Players will also be able to see a Pokémon’s information from other games if it’s been transferred; this information will be available on the Pokémon’s summary page. For mobile users, Pokémon transferred from Pokémon Bank will have their stats and information shown. 

Pokemon Home Updated For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Compatibility 23051905

Players can now change Pokémon’s moves in Pokémon HOME. You’ll be able to pick from a list of already-learned moves. In addition, there will be new challenges and stickers to customize your Pokémon HOME profile. For Pokémon GO players who have Gimmighoul’s roaming form, you’ll finally be able to transfer it into Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Home Updated For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Compatibility 23051905

As an added plus for players, after transferring a Pokémon from either of the two games to Pokémon HOME for the first time, you’ll receive a Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly with hidden abilities as Mystery Gifts. These Mystery Gifts will be available in the mobile device version of Pokémon HOME

Now that you can freely trade between games, what Pokémon will you be transferring? Will you be adding old favourites to your team, building a new competitive team, or storing Pokémon to replay Scarlet and Violet before the new DLCs come out?

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