Premiere Trailer for The Flash Zooms Onto the Internet

| May 15, 2014
The Flash Set Photos Leak To Reveal Michael Keaton Batman's Wayne Manor 1

Last night CW’s Arrow TV series based off of the Green Arrow comics aired it’s second season finale. The viewers of the finale got an extra treat during one of the first commercial breaks where CW aired the first trailer for their new Flash series.

The Flash tells the story of Barry Allen, a forensic investigator who has become obsessed with finding the identity of the person who killed his mother when he was a kid. One day a particle accelerator explodes causing lighting to hit Barry while knocking him into a shelf of chemicals that give him super speed.

Barry Allen will be played by Grant Gusten who has had roles on Glee and CSI: Miami. Gusten has made appearances as Barry Allen on Arrow a few times,  but the plan of having him appear again in order to start the pilot episode was canceled.

The Flash will premiere later this fall on CW, along with another series based on DC comics Constantine.

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