PS3 Version of Rage Impresses

| Jun 9, 2011

Carmack gets on Twitter to confirm that the show floor version of the game is the real deal.

John Carmack made an amused post to Twitter to reassure people that what they were playing of Rage on the E3 show floor was a legitimate PS3 version and not a PC version posing as one.  The actual post reads:

High compliment from E3 – people looking under the kiosks to verify that they were actually playing Rage on a PS3 and not a high end PC.

The Playstation 3 has, of course, garnered something of a reputation in past years for looking less presentable compared to 360 versions of the same game. That trend seems to have changed over the last year or two as more developers shift their lead platform development to the PS3 itself. It should be noted that John Carmack is NOT one of those people, with Id traditionally being in the PC camp first and foremost, though it looks like in addition taking advantage of the space the PS3 storage disc affords–the game will be available on one Blu-Ray disc for the PS3 compared to the 360’s three DVDs–his team has also taken the time to opitimize code for the PS3 rather than just be content to get it up and running. Rage, Id’s latest game, is set to release on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in September.

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