Big PS5 Update & New Interior Design Provide Less Weight And More Power

Big PS5 Update & New Interior Design Provide Less Weight And More Power

On the heels of the PS5 price hike that happened at the end of August, Sony has unveiled a new software update and improved upon the interior hardware of the console.

A new PlayStation blog post has revealed important information regarding the new software update of the PS5, which includes some serious display improvements, quality of life improvements, and just general compatibility options designed to keep the player on PlayStation. This could potentially be why the price hike happened in August.

New PS5 Features

Big Ps5 Update &Amp; New Interior Design Provide Less Weight And More Power

The video shows new clarity, while placing emphasis on the improved visuals. The concept pushed is more resolution options at the player’s fingertips.

Senior Vice President of Platform Experience, Hideaki Nishino penned in a blog post “The update includes several highly-requested features like 1440p HDMI video output and game lists, as well as social features like the ability to request a Share Screen from a fellow party member, easily view new friends’ profiles, and receive a notification to help you join a friend’s game more quickly from a party chat,” outlining the details behind the new update.

Big Ps5 Update &Amp; New Interior Design Provide Less Weight And More Power

The PS5 will also now be able to adjust playback on YouTube using voice commands, similarly to voice assistants like ‘Hey Google,’ or ‘Alexa,’ instead ‘Hey PlayStation’ is used. On top of all that, gamers utilizing the PS App can now launch a remote play from their phone, whether it runs an AndroidOS or iOS.

New PS5 Interior Design

YouTuber Austin Evans posted a video dismantling the PS5, and showing exactly what’s different under the hood. The result is a better-cooled and lighter console. The video can be found below:

YouTube video

While making comparisons to the other models that have already been introduced, the PS5 has been determined to be 200 grams lighter than the previous edition, and a whole pound lighter than the launch edition. With a smaller heatsink, and a smaller motherboard, an additional cooling pipe ensures the smaller sink is still sufficient enough to power the flagship console.

The video also maintains the fact the console uses less power, ranging from “20-30 watts” less than previous entries. Interestingly enough, when comparing sound decibels, Evans found the new ‘1200 model’ is only slightly quieter than the other two models.

For more information about the software update, fans can flock to the PlayStation blog. Fans can also watch the above video for an in-depth explanation on which organs are different in the three PS5 models.

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