Razer Cuts Into Halo Infinite With New Spartan 117 Inspired Gear

Razer Cuts Into Halo Infinite With New Spartan 117 Inspired Gear

The wait for Halo Infinite is almost over, and Razer provides support with Xbox and PC related gear that will have fans gearing up for battle.

Razer aims to continue the fight into Halo Infinite, with four must-have exclusive gaming hardware pieces that will see fans decked out in Mjolnir-inspired load-outs in time for the blockbuster’s release.

As a company well known to provide quality products to enhance gaming to the upper echelon, Razer crafted these gaming companions with the player in mind. The products remain true to the subject matter and showcase what it would be like to don the armor of Master Chief on your gaming peripherals.

Each piece of exclusive gear comes with download cosmetic items to show off your new pieces in-game as well as out of the game. With a staggering popular product catalog, Razer decided to use its designs for popular products with a splash of Mjolnir-based paint.

The Kaira Pro headset for Xbox retains full wireless capability, with Razer patented TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers that will truly cover fans while in a firefight. With a design that picks up every sound a major game throws at you, this could give players a competitive edge in the upcoming onslaught. It comes with the exclusive Deathly Poison Armor Coating for in-game style.

The DeathAdder V2 takes Razer’s popular wired mouse design and adds a part of Master Chief. This stylish mouse retains all the specs of its original but aims to put the power of Mjolnir in the player’s hands. The exclusive Fangs Emblem helps players stay true to their apex predator form.

The BlackWidow V3 wireless keyboard is also a sight to behold. Building upon the prestige the former keyboard has of the ultra-durable Raze Mechanical Switches allowing players to beat their keyboards in battle with millions of keystrokes, this 117 inspired design will have fans battling in Chief couture. The Deathly Poison Weapon Coating is a nice touch of style, as the player and their character can show off their new gear.

Razer Cuts Into Halo Infinite With New Spartan 117 Inspired Gear 4

Lastly, the companion for the PC enthusiast, The Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma mousepad. This will allow customization of almost any color and give the player pristine accuracy against the enemy onslaught with enhanced tracking response. The in-game reward comes at the inclusion of five challenge swap uses, for those that want to reroll in-game challenges.

Fans clamouring over this sure-to-be-limited gear can pre-order the Razer Halo Infinite products now at GameStop, and from their site starting on September 27. The new gear will be available on October 21.

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