Razer Releases Naga Pro Mouse With 2020 HyperSpeed Line

Razer Releases Naga Pro Mouse With 2020 HyperSpeed Line
Gaming hardware brand Razer is back with their latest Naga Pro Mouse, which introduces a three-in-one modular build with magnetic parts.

A successor to the Naga Trinity gaming mouse with its own modular parts, the Pro comes with a few extra surprises that include no cables and tweaked panels. Like its predecessor, the Pro offers a newer version of its six button side plate and 12 button one. Both plates come in different forms, with the small numbers becoming larger to press at the cost of the 12-button programmable range for any in-game or PC action.

One familiar fan-favourite plate for the Pro is a two-button side plate which brings back the traditional Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 functions for thumbs across FPS games. The two buttons are also rubberized for an ergonomic grip and easy clicking. As a green cherry on top, the Naga Pro keeps the premium RGB lighting intact from the Trinity for a colourful setup. But its biggest addition is the Naga’s wireless technology from Razer’s own HyperSpeed line of mice. This lets owners have less cables on their setups for a hassle-free experience while feeling a “connection faster than most wired mice.”

The wireless function also uses less power on the 2.4 Ghz USB 3 dongle, keeping the Naga Pro running for up to 100 hours of non-stop gaming (and even longer with browsing or content creation). On a standalone Bluetooth connection, the Naga Pro can run up to 150 hours with any paired Windows or Macbook device. The Naga Pro also features a rechargeable battery that uses a wired connection or wireless charging with Razer’s Mouse Dock Chroma.

Razer’s built-in Razer Synapse and Cortex software are also integrated with the Naga Pro, automatically installing on computers at first plugin. The tools also let users customize their DPI settings, map specific commands for their buttons and save profiles on a cloud for new computers in the future. The Cortex further optimizes the computer for games at launch, giving the Naga Pro some extra room to react in live multiplayer matches.

The Razer Naga Pro can be purchased now for $149.99 USD on their website and at authorized resellers.

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