Report: 93rd Academy Awards Postponed Due to COVID-19

| May 20, 2020
Report: 93rd Academy Awards Postponed Due to COVID-19

The 93rd Academy Awards are reportedly being delayed, according to sources who told Variety “Hollywood’s biggest night” might find a different date.

According to the report, the next Oscars is due for February 2021, but could be pushed down the year due to COVID-19 causing production delays. On anonymity, the sources stated “it’s likely they’ll be postponed,” while others corroborated the claims with new dates up for proposals. A conflicting source says the original date is still set for airing and live syndication at ABC.

Since March 2020, the worldwide coronavirus pandemic has caused ripples in entertainment. The changes reached the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who stated in April that films no longer need a seven-day theatrical run to make the award qualifications. Films can now be up for nominations by digital releases, setting a new precedent for the way audiences are experiencing cinema during an age of social isolation.

Academy head David Rubin later told Variety “It’s impossible to know what the landscape will be,” adding the event will continue to celebrate movies regardless of a live TV form or otherwise.

The new rule also goes deeper into streaming territory, with digital giant Netflix taking over 24 nominations for films such as The Irishman and American Factory in last year’s Academy Awards. Of course, its own studio releases a few of their online titles onto the big screen as a limited theatrical run to make the qualifications.

A new air date for the 93rd Academy Awards has not been confirmed or officially announced yet while it’s reportedly on-course for February 2021.

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