Report: Resident Evil 4 Remake Coming for 2022 Release

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A remake version of survival horror classic Resident Evil 4 is reportedly underway, according to multiple rumors and sources from VGC.

The re-imagined game is expected to follow the same formula in the productions of Resident Evil 2 Remake and the recent Resident Evil 3 Remake, while the Capcom-funded M-Two studio will allegedly be working on it. Interestingly, sources also suggested Leon’s next adventure was blessed by original director Shinji Mikami, who would serve as a consultant. The overall efforts could lead to Resident Evil 4 Remake coming out by 2022.

M-Two was also suggested by sources as a collaboration name between Mikami and Tatsuya Minami, who previously worked with Capcom through PlatinumGames before resigning in 2016.

While a grittier take was brought back by stunning visuals over the last two modern remakes, giving Resident Evil 4 the same treatment would most likely stick to the source material as well. The game originally released in 2005 to widespread acclaim, with many crediting Capcom for pushing the boundaries of third-person perspectives. Resident Evil 4 also started an action-oriented trend for the series, peaking with its over-the-top sixth installment which kept Leon S. Kennedy as a staple character. The game has also been regarded as one of the best survival-horror shooters of all time, spawning ports in nearly every system since its debut on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube.

A remake for Resident Evil 4 also means the consistent appearance of T-Virus zombies would be traded for the parasitic Los Illuminados cult who kidnap the president’s daughter. Veteran Remake players would have to prepare for more sophisticated enemies who can signal others to Leon’s location, while dealing with their ability to throw weapons from distances. Different enemy types including the still-haunting chainsaw Ganado, Garrador and Regenerator will also be rendered to realistic levels of terror.

Report: Resident Evil 4 Remake Coming For 2022 Release
Resident Evil 4 (2005) – Capcom

It’s unknown whether or not the previous cast from Resident Evil 2 Remake would return, but seems unlikely if Capcom is looking to show an older and highly-skilled Leon. Ada’s appearance also adds to the elements carried over to the fourth game, sending players chills over their experiences from Raccoon City.

Quick-Time events were also heavy but were toned down since Resident Evil 6 as the series reverted back to its survival-horror roots. According to VGC, the lead programmer for Resident Evil 4 actually directed the latest remake from Capcom through development team Red Works. His return would also ensure Resident Evil 4 stays close to a shot-by-shot remake with some hidden surprises.

But as of now, the remake’s existence has not been confirmed by officials at Capcom while time could show where the series is headed next.

Update @ 3:17pm: A source has confirmed VGC’s report, adding the Resident Evil 4 Remake is in full production while its development is backed by Capcom’s veteran staff behind Resident Evil 2 Remake and Devil May Cry V. The original game’s developers are also on board to produce the 2005 reimagining.

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