Resident Evil 4 VR Has Exclusive Launch Date for Oculus

Resident Evil 4 VR Has Exclusive Launch Date for Oculus Quest 2

Time to get up-close and personal in Resident Evil 4 VR.

So, you’ve played as Leon S. Kennedy a number of times in the Resident Evil universe, but what would it be like to see his suave knife slashes in first-person? Resident Evil 4 VR is the answer.

You can experience the personal Leon experience with Resident Evil 4 VR slated to launch on October 21st on Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 headset. Oculus released a video last week showing off some gameplay footage of what to expect with the virtual reality experience, and what changes are to be expected compared to its original version.

YouTube video

Based on this gameplay trailer, Capcom, Armature Studio and Oculus are teaming up to invite us back to the iconic Resident Evil village in Spain (no, not the one in Resident Evil Village). The footage reveals first-person conversations and actions similarly to what the last two Resident Evil games have presented.

The only difference is that the player will not be playing in front of a screen but wearing an Oculus Quest 2 headset to fight all the Los Plagas monsters and bloody, angry zombies.

Resident Evil 4 Vr Has Exclusive Launch Date For Oculus
Resident Evil 4 VR

A cool feature that enhances the immersion is the ability to check your health and ammo count on Leon’s watch on his left wrist. Rather than have it displayed on the player’s HUD, they can easily get that information at a quick glance. Reloading with both hands is also seen, which appears quite fluid, but may be easier said than done when a swamp monster is hungry for its next meal.

Resident Evil 4 Vr Has Exclusive Launch Date For Oculus
Resident Evil 4 VR

Another cool change made, it looks like all the puzzles can be achieved with the hand controls of the Oculus Touch controllers. Uniquely, it appears you can move and shoot; this was a much-debated issue with the original versions of the game, which made players stop, aim and shoot, only by standing still.

New extended gameplay footage shows it will be easier to switch between weapons. It’s shown to be as intuitive as grabbing a gun or knife from Leon’s belt; however, there’s been no footage of what the full inventory menu will appear like as yet. Also, Leon can now hold two guns at a time! Unfortunately, not dual-wielding and shooting, but it looks like you can switch weapons quickly when the player is running out of ammo with one weapon.

YouTube video

Resident Evil 4 VR will be exclusive to Oculus Quest 2 when it drops, so if you have one, expect to add it to your Resident Evil collection before Halloween. If you don’t have Quest 2, this might be the decisive game for you to make that investment.

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