Roblox is Making Some Big Voice Chat Changes

| September 3, 2021
Roblox is Making Some Big Voice Chat Changes 1

Roblox Corporation is planning on expanding the popular multiplayer metaverse title by adding lifelike communication that should make interactions feel more human.

Voice chat may be new for Roblox but it has been well-established in gaming for over twenty years. It feels like a change that’s been needed for a long time. Roblox has been around for over fifteen years. Even the youngest kids that grew up playing it are becoming adults. What’s most interesting is how much energy and time Roblox Corporation is implementing into the voice chat update, especially at a time where features often get released quickly and fixed later.

Roblox Corporation envisions a metaverse where experiences with others can be closer, even if everything is being done digitally. Roblox’s future should feel a little warmer for some though with the new Spatial Voice feature. It’s now available for some members of the Roblox developer community as part of an invitation-only beta. Voices will sound different and feature more detail when other players speak.

Friends will sound different if they’re different distances from you. You will be able to hear when someone is closer to you or to your left or right. It’s a big deal, especially as technology continues to impact our lives more during the pandemic and in general.

Launching the feature in the beta state will allow Roblox Corporation to test and improve the technology and its implementation before a full launch. This will ensure the feature is of the highest quality and works the way it’s intended.

It’s been fascinating to witness Roblox’s beginnings and growth over the years. The game has captured so many people’s hearts and brought them closer. The importance and positive effects of these digital spaces haven’t always been as clear to many outside of the players themselves, but that’s certainly changed within the last two years.

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