Rocket League Receiving New “Dropshot” Mode

| Mar 13, 2017
Rocket League Receiving New "Dropshot" Mode 1

Rocket League fans can’t say they aren’t spoiled as developer Psyonix announced a new mode for the popular soccer-car title.

Named “Dropshot,” this mode changes up the typical Rocket League formula by requiring players to break through the arena floor to score. The mode releases March 22, 2017, and brings in a new hexagonal style arena to play in called “Core 707,” and it operates a little differently than past play-areas.

“Once a goal has been scored, that side of the arena closes back up and the action begins anew until time expires,” reads the press release from Psyonix. “As an added twist, the electrified ball itself will gain strength as players continue to hit and dribble it, with harder hits giving it stronger damage potential that can be unleashed on the opposing team’s floor to varying degrees.”

“Dropshot” will include six new achievements and trophies, and players who completed the third season can receive “exclusive wheel rewards.” Along with this Psyonix released a slew of images and a trailer to show off this new game mode and the shattering floor.

This is just the latest update for Rocket Leauge. Previously the game saw modes like Rumble, which launched in September last year. This mode allowed for different upgrades to be used during gameplay. Another popular update saw the basketball-inspired Hoops, which launched in April last year. Rocket Leauge was also one of the pioneers of cross-platform play.

Rocket League has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in July 2015, selling over 5 million copies in 2016, with 15 million players worldwide.  Seeing a title with such a consistently strong community, with a developer that routinely provides updates that allow for new ways to play is always exciting. Hopefully, come March 22, players will be just as satisfied with “Dropshot” as they were with “Hoops” and “Rumble.”

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