Rollers of the Realm Reunion is launching on PC in 2022

Rollers of the Realm Reunion is launching on PC in 2022 1

Rollers of the Realm Reunion, the second instalment in the ‘Rollers‘ franchise, a fantasy hybrid pinball-platform-puzzle-RPG game has been announced.

Indie developer, Phantom Compass’s follow-up is set to launch in 2022 on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. The developer claims the game will combine explosive pinball action with rousing fantasy role-playing, challenging physics puzzles, and platforming adventures. Players will be able to explore a medieval fantasy world and battle creatures like goblins.

Your character will transform into a ‘ball’ so you can exercise your pinball skills while smashing or sneaking around your foes, traps, and targets in the sequel’s gameplay. Rollers of the Realm Reunion features easy-to-learn controls and is inspired by classic pinball cabinets. Your party will level up as your characters will bounce, flip and dash through physics-based puzzles.

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“We are deeply proud of the first game, as mashing-up RPG mechanics with the many intricacies that make pinball so much fun was a fine balancing act,” Phantom Compass CEO and Creative Director, Tony Walsh said. “Given the wonderful response from players over the years, I think we nailed it — and Rollers of the Realm Reunion is taking every successful beat one step further. ”

The first instalment in the series, Rollers of the Realm was released on PC back in 2014. it won the “Best in Play” award at GDC 2014 and was an IndieCade finalist in 2013. The sequel will let you play as a cast of characters like the Rogue and her faithful hound, the knight, the mage and the healer. While saving the world from certain doom, players will discover powerful ancient artifacts, sweet gear upgrades and NPC allies.

Rollers of the Realm Reunion features include traditional pinball action with a heft to it, fiver baller companions, an all-new quest system/skills and two-player co-operative play, The game also features a Treasure Trove of Challenges which players can take on across 30+ missions and 24 playfields across the game’s campaign.

Rollers of the Realm Reunion is rolling onto PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2022.

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