RuneScape Expansion Launching in June

RuneScape Expansion Launching in June

Starting in just over one month, the legendary RuneScape will undergo more changes and additions than it has in over a decade. In a recent press release, it was announced that Menaphos: The Golden City would launch on June 5, 2017; which is what is known as RuneScape Expansions.

This will be just the beginning for RuneScape enthusiasts, however, as every three months, an additional RuneScape Expansion will be released. Each of which, will provide players with never-before-seen areas and regions to explore. That is not even the best aspect to all of this, though. There is absolutely no cost for players to add these expansions.

The catalyst to Jagex deciding to release these free expansions to RuneScape was the fans. In 2016, a survey was conducted and the overall consensus was that players were salivating for updates that would introduce massive additions to the game; not minuscule ones.

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As far as the first expansion, Menaphos: The Golden City, a cinematic trailer was just released for it. But, it does not reveal too much about the content. Thankfully, the press release did. Crazily enough, the city of Menaphos has been hiding in plain sight for the last decade but the doors were never open. Now, players will get to traverse the massive world of Menaphos that is filled with gold-trimmed buildings.

Just starting out, it will be a daunting task for players to make their presence known to the inhabitants of the city. They must build their reputation for achieving legendary status among the city of Menaphos. Outside of another location to explore, new quests and a new Slayer Dungeon will also be added. The Slayer Skill level cap, in conjunction with the Slayer Dungeon, will also be raised from 99 to 120.

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