Sayonara Wild Hearts, Frogger in Toy Town Highlight Apple Arcade Launch

Sayonara Wild Hearts, Frogger in Toy Town Highlight Apple Arcade Launch

Apple kicked off their Fall 2019 Showcase by focusing on their upcoming Apple Arcade game streaming service. The service, which launches on September 19th will feature over 100 initial games, with more being added on a monthly basis. According to Apple, these games will be exclusive to their devices and will not release on any other mobile platforms.

Of those 100+ games three of them were shown off and they are developed by Capcom, Konami and Annapurna Interactive respectively. Capcom’s Peter Fabiano showed off an ocean exploration game, named Shinsekai: Into the Depths, that has the player take control of the last surviving member of the human race, as they fight to survive the horrors of the ocean. The main gameplay mechanic involves using thrusters to navigate your way through the depths, and utilizing your gun to fight off hostile sea life. The music and sound effects for the game were all recorded underwater.

Konami unveiled a new Frogger game, titled Frogger in Toy Town and it features some physics heavy gameplay and non-endless run levels. In addition to spinning tops and sprawling building blocks, the demo showed a massive baby, wearing American flag sunglasses that Frogger had to hop around. There are also power-ups in the form of bombs and jelly beans that players can collect in order to activate a star-power-like invulnerability for Frogger. Lastly, you can dress the titular frog up in an assortment of costumes, although only the swimsuit one was shown off.

Lastly, Annapurna Interactive announced that they are bringing Sayanora Wild Hearts to Apple Arcade. The game is described as a music video come to life and is also set to launch on Nintendo Switch at some point this year. It features rhythm-based tapping gameplay that transitions into racing at certain times throughout the game. The story follows a heartbroken heroine as she fights to get her heart back through a series of technoinspired levels.

Apple Arcade will cost $4.99 USD per month and will launch in over 150 different countries. Apple users will be able to access a one month free trial for the service which will be available from launch.

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