Screenshot Saturday – There’s Future Fiction In Our Future

| Jun 2, 2014
Screenshot Saturday – There's Future Fiction In Our Future

We’ve got a bunch of cool sci-fi headed our way if last week’s Screenshot Saturday is anything to judge by. The collage of developer-submitted photos featured a cornucopia of cold steel and star stuff ranging from intergalactic battleships to strangely valuable mounds of alien flesh. Here’s a handful of the most interesting pieces hand picked just for you.

Deep Space Settlement by Escape Velocity Studios

Humanity is spreading through the stars, and this resource-rich cluster is your new neck of the woods. So called “4X” or grand scale strategy games are typically turn based, but Deep Space Settlement’s campaign for supremacy will be playing out live.

Warside by Kraken Games

This concept art depicts a big lump of unpleasantness that seems to produce a resource worth fighting over. You’re one of the soldiers this 2-D shooter throws into its competition – a space you’ll share with hordes of AI and players both hostile and friendly.

Flagship by Urban Logic Games


Already the subject of a great deal of eager attention, Flagship is a space-faring real time strategy game a-la Homeworld. But there’s an enormous wrinkle: it’s played from a first person perspective. This war is waged from the bridge of your command vessel with your directives being executed just beyond your window.


Harrison is stranded in space. His only hope of rejoining civilization is an improvised journey of rocketing his body through solar systems, dodging rocks, and swinging through gravitational fields. Perhaps he’ll stop for a swim in some coalesced celestial liquids.

Magnetic by Nature by Team Tripleslash

Trapped in a machine age art deco underground, a robot attempts to propel his escape with industrial-strength magnetism. Magnetic by Nature is the debut project from a studio of former classmates in which attraction and repulsion serve as your means of platforming.

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