Second Gen Pokémon Come to Pokémon GO

| Dec 12, 2016
Second Gen Pokémon Come to Pokémon GO 1

Update: Additional information revealed shortly after the second generation update reveals more information about the initial batch of Pokémon available in Pokémon GO.

There’s a brand new generation of Pokémon headed over to Pokémon GO. As a brand new YouTube video on the game’s official channel reveals, a variety of second generation Pokémon are headed to Pokémon GO. And two beloved second gen Pokémon have already been revealed: Togepi and Pichu.

According to the video, Togepi and Pichu are being released alongside second generation Pokémon that will be found in the Pokémon GO game world. Don’t expect to find these Pokémon in the wild, however. Players will have to visit a PokéStop and hatch these Pokémon from eggs to obtain them, whereas the first generation will continue to wander the world.

No official world has been announced yet about other second generation Pokémon to expect at PokéStops, but it’s safe to say that the generation is coming to the mobile hit. Polygon reports code for the whole second gen was found earlier in Pokémon GO, with the “Transform” move implying Ditto is also on the way. It’s possible that Pokémon GO will receive generations in batches, providing the game endless content updates akin to seasons. That is, until the latest generation has finally hit the mobile platform.

Togepi and Pichu originate from Pokémon Gold and Silver, the second generation of Pokémon releases after the original Pokémon Red and Blue in North America. Togepi is a familiar face to both casual and enthusiast Pokémon fans alike, due to the Togepi that Ash carried around with him in the original Pokémon anime series. No doubt, Pokémon GO developer Niantic wants to tap into this nostalgia and encourage players to hatch eggs from PokéStops in the process. With more news coming about the second generation release in Pokémon GO, make sure to check back over the last few weeks of December. There’s sure to be some interesting news as 2017 draws closer.

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