Secret Neighbor Moves Next Door With a Neat Port to Nintendo Switch This Week

Secret Neighbor Moves Next Door With a Neat Port to Nintendo Switch This Week

Secret Neighbor, the horror-multiplayer spin off of acclaimed Hello Neighbor finally moves into Nintendo’s neighborhood this week.

Among Us needs to make room in the ‘whodunnit’ style of horror multiplayer video game, as Secret Neighbor is the next to receive a portable console release.

Hello Neighbor was released back in 2017 to widespread success which allowed the license to become nearly a household name with the many products it offers. There are Hello Neighbor toys, a sequel, and now a multiplayer horror social game that leaves gamers wondering “who is the neighbor?”

This spin off allows a team of players access to the villainous neighbors house from Hello Neighbor, and involves teamwork reconnaissance to locate keys. The six keys allow the team to unlock the basement door making the good guys the winning side. However, one of the players isn’t who they claim to be, they are the neighbor in disguise, and the neighbor will stop at nothing to hinder this progress.

The game finally arrives on Switch this week with all of the previous updates that have been made to the title and will include reliable framerate to allow the smoothest Secret Neighbor experience possible. The Switch title will also let players cross-play with the PlayStation, iOS, and Android versions of the game, which is a huge plus considering earlier adopters of the game will not have to secure a second copy. Secret Neighbor will also have Online capabilities, allowing friends to stay in their respective houses to explore the Neighbor’s.

Fans of the franchise that can’t wait to get their hands on another neighborly experience could pre-order the game now until release date for 10% off their purchase via the Nintendo eShop, the pre-order includes a bonus in game item, but that item remains secret… much like the neighbor. Secret Neighbor will arrive on Nintendo Switch August 26.

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