Secretlab Reveals its New 2022 Series Chair Line

Secretlab Reveals its New 2022 Series Chair Line

Secretlab announced on Monday how it’s evolving its gaming chairs with the reveal of its upcoming 2022 Titan Evo chair line.

The 2022 series comes with a number of improvements compared to its 2020 counterpart which includes a revamped lumbar support mechanism, a new seat base, and a number of other changes. For anyone interested, you can order 2022 series gaming chairs through Secretlab’s website.

If you end up checking it out, you’ll notice that the new 2022 Series Titan Evo line comes in three size variants. Those sizes being the ‘S’ for small, the ‘R’ for regular and the ‘XL’ for extra-large. While there are just three sizes to choose from, there are six variants in total as you can either choose for your preferred chair to have a hybrid leatherette feel or if you want to go premium you can go with the ‘Secretlab SoftWeave Plus’ fabric variant choice.

One big difference for 2020 series chairs is the inclusion of Secretlab’s adopted ‘pebble seat base’. The new base is a fusion of parts from its Omega and Titan chairs, it will feature slightly raised edges like in the Omega with a look very reminiscent of the Titan. Another difference is the previously mentioned new lumbar support system which will help chair owners adjust to their level of comfortability. The new system features two knobs – one extra knob compared to the Titan – which will allow you to move the 2022 series chair in different ways.

Scereatlab is going more all-in on magnet technologies, the pillow is utilizing the tech instead of opting for bands that wrap around the chair head. That’s not all though as the armrest can be detached through magnets and can easily be switched out for new premium ones that can be bought through Secretlab’s website.

Secretlab’s upcoming 2022 Titan Evo gaming chair line will cost you a bit. Starting off, the S will start at $429 USD (leatherette) and $449 USD (softweave), the R will start at $449 USD (leatherette) and $469 USD (softweave), and the XL will start at $499 USD (leatherette) and $519 USD (softweave).

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