Sega Europe’s COO and President, Jurgen Post Announces Departure

Sega Europe's COO and President, Jurgen Post Announces Departure 1

Sega Europe just announced the departure of their COO and President.

Jurgen Post served Sega for over ten years as Managing Director and Senior Vice President before being promoted in 2012. After taking on his newly appointed role of COO and President, Post headed a massive shift of the company’s business operation, closing a number of their European offices in order to focus on delivering quality consumer experiences rather than quantity.

“Jurgen leaving us is a huge loss, but he leaves Sega Europe with the business in a fantastic position and in the capable hands of a superb team who will strive to keep moving it forward”, said Tatsuyuki Miyazaki, CEO for Sega West.

Post reshaped Sega Europe’s business by forming new partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Wargaming and Elex. Sega Europe has also acquired two new studios since 2012, Relic Entertainment and Amplitude Studios. They have since used these partnerships to license existing IP while developing new potential franchises. Sega Europe is also responsible for the recently successful PC ports of games like Bayonetta, Valkyria Chronicles and the upcoming port of Vanquish.

Creative Assembly, a British developer and subsidiary of Sega has grown to be one of the largest development studios in Europe after the support given by Post. The studio is best known for their work on Shogun: Total War, a highly successful strategy game series. Creative Assembly is currently working with 343 Industries to develop Halo Wars 2.

Sega Europe’s CFO, John Ward, will act as interim COO along with the support of the company’s senior management team until a suitable replacement is found. Sega Europe publically thanks Post for his leadership and dedication to his vision for the company.

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