Seven New Xbox Game Pass Titles Available Starting Today

Seven New Xbox Game Pass Titles Available Starting Today

It’s another week which means a lot of games are coming to Xbox Game Pass which includes the PC launch of the trebuchet’s favourite game, Age of Empires IV but also six other games are coming to the service starting today.

In addition to the launch of Age of Empires’ newest entry coming to the service includes some notable games Xbox Game Pass subscribers should keep their eyes on like The Forgotten City, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and so much more.

Age of Empires IV – PC

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One of the most beloved real-time strategy game series, Age of Empires makes its return for a new generation in a brand-new entry for the series, Age of Empires IV. Players will insert themselves into epic historical battles that will help shape the world. Fans of the series will find both familiar and as well innovative new ways to expand their empire in vast landscapes in 4K. Age of Empires IV is currently available exclusively on PC through Steam and the Windows Store via Xbox Game Pass.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Console

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Alan Wake make his return recently in the remastered version of the game earlier this month if you’re looking for more Alan Wake then try out Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. The Xbox 360 game is technically a follow-up to the original game but is mostly a stand-alone game. It features Alan Wake fighting the herald of darkness, the evil Mr. Scratch, hordes of creepy enemies, serious firepower and beautiful Arizona locations. Xbox Game Pass Console subscribers can check out the game starting today.

Backbone – Console

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Backbone is inspired by film noir, weird sci-fi, post-soviet aesthetics, modern political regimes, the works of Lynch and Kaufman, and the existential philosophy of Sartre. It is a linear, cinematic narrative experience that challenges your perception of what it means to be a person.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 – PC, Console and Cloud

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Fishing mini-games are fun but if you ever wanted to play a game solely focus on fishing well Bassmaster Fishing 2022 might be for you. Play as an Elite Series Angler as you compete/challenge 10 pro anglers from the Elite tour across 8 different real-world venues. Players will be able to climb the ranks/compete with other players in multiplayer, earn sponsors, and progress through the career of an Elite Series Angler to win the Bassmaster Classic.

Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition – PC, Console and Cloud

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Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition is a nihilistic action platformer roguelike rebuilt from the ground up in the remastered edition which features two all-new modes: Arena and Local Co-op not featured in the original game.

Project Wingman – Console

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Project Wingman is a combat flight action game with an emphasis on polished, refined gameplay and an engaging single-player experience. The game is perfect for those who aren’t looking for a simulator experience, with the ease of pick up and play, all the way to those who want a fast-paced challenging flight action game.

The Forgotten City – PC, Console and Cloud

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The Forgotten City is a mystery adventure game of exploration and deduction. Originally a critically acclaimed mod that won a national Writers’ Guild award and has accumulated up over 3 million downloads and has been reimagined as an actual game. The Forgotten City is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC, Console and Cloud subscribers.

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