Shock Tactics Coming to PC April 11

Shock Tactics Coming to Steam and PC April 11

It is now official; the brand-new tactical RPG Shock Tactics will be released at the start of next week on PC and Steam. This morning Eurovideo and Point Blank Games, the publisher and Developer respectively, announced in a press release the big news.

As far as the specifics, it will be unveiled on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 on PC physically, or on Steam. Steam users can manually download the game on their PC; while others will be able to purchase the physical copy in stores worldwide.

The announcement of Shock Tactics official release date is wonderful and all, but what exactly does the game entail? Thankfully, both Eurovideo and Point Blank Games have given fans a lot of detail (but not too much to spoil the experience). As mentioned before, it is a tactical RPG. With that, it combines a great deal of exploration and team-based management. The key to success is by properly maintaining the terrain; using it to the utmost advantage.

Each player is the leader of a small group of pioneers, with the goal of discovering a planet never before seen in the modern world. There’s a catch though, the planet has unpleasant enemies and creatures that await. The only way to ensure survival is to harness the untapped potential of the alien technology that awaits.

However, it will not be easy as the enemies are fierce and unrelenting. Be sure to study the opponents as they will have a large range of death-defying attacks, to build new weapons and armour, and to train each soldier with different abilities. Uncover the excitement that awaits on April 11, 2017.

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