The Silver Case PC Remaster Announced

| May 6, 2016
The Silver Case PC Remaster Announced 4

Goichi Suda’s Japan-exclusive The Silver Case will finally see an international release, the developer announced.

Grasshopper Manufacture, Playism and Active Gaming Media announced a remastered, localized version The Silver Case. The 1999 adventure game first debuted as the first installment of Goichi Suda’s Kill the Past series in Japan for the PlayStation 1. The remastered version will allow fans to play the game in English for the first time.

Despite never seeing a Western release, the game’s sequels, Flower, Sun, Rain and Killer7 were each localized for the North American audience.

In a statement released to coincide with the news, Goichi “Suda 51” Suda said: “I am happy to announce that the long-awaited Silver Case HD remastered version will finally be available as promised,” he went on to say that “The English version will also be available, another promise made to you and will be on Steam, Playism, and other platforms.”

Despite the new version being labeled as a remake rather then a remaster, it is still unclear to what extent the team will be reworking the overall game, beyond graphics and localisation. With a deep, complex narrative elements, the game will be a challenge for many modern players. However, it could offer something refreshing to an old, tired genre.

The Silver Case HD Remaster has an expected release of Fall 2016 for the PC on Steam, Playism, and other platforms.

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