The Walking Dead: Last Mile Announced by Skybound, Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day to Host

Skybound Announces Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day Will Host The Walking Dead: Last Mile 1

It’s official, The Walking Dead Universe’s upcoming massively interactive live event game, The Walking Dead: Last Mile will be hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day in a live-action format that is set to react and explore the story choices decided by the fans which are exclusively happening on Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch starting on July 11th.

The Walking Dead Last Mile takes place in a brand new in-universe setting in the Alaskan village community, Prosper Landing, set in the Walking Dead universe where fans will influence the decisions of the live event game’s characters. To do this, players must earn “influence points” through mini-games which can be redeemed as the name describes influencing a character’s decision. The live event was originally announced back in March and recently popped up again during IGN Expo 2022 during Summer Game Fest which showed off the first trailer and launch date.

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The Walking Dead Last Mile is an unprecedented interactive experience and we are looking forward to expanding the post-apocalyptic universe with the very talented Felicia Day and Yvette Nicole Brown,” “We are excited to deliver one-of-a-kind content and are proud that we have created an entirely new way of engaging with The Walking Dead fans.” Skybound Entertainment VP of Creative Development, Shawn Kittelsen said in a press release.

Brown is a true fan of the franchise as she has made multiple appearances in The Walking Dead‘s after-show on AMC, The Talking Dead who always had notes ready on what just happened on the previous episode. So having her involved in this type of game where the fan experience is at the forefront is honestly a no-brainer, so it’s good to see Skybound going in this direction as far as the hosts are concerned. As for Day, she says she is excited “to host an interactive live stream event that will create an innovative, one-of-a-kind experience for The Walking Dead fans and gamers. Very excited to see what pushing the limits of interactive storytelling can accomplish.”

Skybound Announces Yvette Nicole Brown And Felicia Day Will Host The Walking Dead: Last Mile

The story of The Walking Dead: Last Mile is set to begin on July 11th at 4 p.m. PT with brown hosting the first weekly interactive live stream that will set the stage and explains the implications that fan choices will have on the characters. The game will launch in open beta and will feature new story content and mini-games to play every day. 

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