Skyrim DLC finally headed to PlayStation 3

| January 18, 2013
Skyrim DLC finally headed to PlayStation 3 - 2013-01-18 16:22:00

PlayStation 3 owners will finally be able to get their hands on Skyrim’s downloadable content next month.

Bethesda announced on their blog today that all three of their add-on packs; the newly released Dragonborn (which will also release on PC Feb. 5) and the previously available Dawnguard and Hearthfire packs will at last playable for PS3 gamers. 

Dragonborn will be the first of the three to release on Sony’s console, followed shortly by the the others, but Bethesda expects all three to be out during February. Skyrim update 1.8 will go live just prior to Dragonborn.

Skyrim has had technical issues on the Playstation 3 since launch, including game crashes and framerate slowdown when the save file exceeded 6 MB in size. Dawnguard was released in Jun. 2012 for the Xbox 360, but Bethesda ran into problems with the PS3 version, delaying it indefinitely.

In a blog post released last Aug. Bethesda said they were working with Sony to get the content working, but stressed, “this is not a problem we’re positive we can solve.”

All three pieces of DLC will be 50% off during the week they launch on PSN.

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